In Benchmarking, It’s Time to Get Started

Successful Workplace

The ability to benchmark your organization’s performance is expanding quickly. Services for metric benchmarking, as well as qualitative (or best practice) benchmarking are growing and expanding. The market has solved barriers around security and confidentiality. If you don’t have a benchmarking source that can guarantee you that level of trust, you need to find another relationship.

Benchmarking is enduring

Bain & Company just released the update of their research into the management tools used by global organizations, Management Tools & Trends 2013. Benchmarking has never fallen out of the list of top 5 most often used tools, and this year, they created a quadrant diagram showing the tools rated for usage and satisfaction. As seen below, benchmarking landed in their magic quadrant.

management tool, benchmarking, Bain & Co., satisfaction

Bain also notes a significant trend among all the tools, benchmarking included.

“Given the challenges to growth and the competing demands for investments, companies now take a…

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